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About Us


The Consultancy

Vedra is a boutique development and construction management company with an intimate approach to projects of various scales.

Founded by Hamed Parnian who’s 20 year professional experience is anchored in all things construction, the team is powered by a multinational team of Project Managers, Architects and Engineers dedicated to delivering hotels, luxury residences, restaurants and real estate developments.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are the foundations that prop-up our DNA. It is the guide for every action we take.

We want to ensure everyone is clear on the goal. Clear goals provide a sense of direction and guide decision-making throughout the project.

Providing leadership by motivating stakeholders. Fostering a positive team environment and making everyone feel the fire to keep going.

Resources are valuable. We have a social and commercial responsibility to our planet & clients to find value in everything we do. We have to make it count.

Risk & Opportunities. Spot them, anticipate and track them. Use them to the projects advantage otherwise mitigate them. 

Changes happen. Our teams, systems and methods must be sufficiently agile to manage these changes. By embracing adaptability, we can enhance our ability to deliver successful projects in dynamic and ever-changing environments.


Clients & Collaborators

Tehila Shelef Architects, Ritz Carlton Hotels, The Head Office, Caprice Holding, Verhaal, DWTC, Lakhraim Group, Barker Langham, TZED, AlphaNine, LW, Rice Perry Ellis, Dubai Holding, Design by Roar, Mr Porter, The Entourage Group, White Rabbit, Syden, Baranowitz+Kronenberg, 

Analysing, planning & designing for value in every project.